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FairBreak is a non-profit organisation that is dedicated to promoting gender equality in cricket. It was founded by Shaun Martyn, in 2013. The organisation aims to provide women with more opportunities to play cricket and achieve their full potential within the sport.

One of the notable initiatives of FairBreak is the annual FairBreak Global Women’s Cricket Tournament. FairBreak was originally created to be a standalone tournament for women to advance their opportunities and remuneration in cricket. The movement has since morphed to tackle systemic barriers to gender equality on a truly global scale.

With the 2nd Fairbreak invitational tournament about to start at the Kowloon Cricket Club in Hong Kong, I was fortunate enough to be able to write this blog on The Addis Army Cricket Site. The Addis Army, is a bunch of cricket fans that follow the England cricket team all around the world on every England tour.

FairBreak Book By Karen Motyka and Shaun Martyn  - Photos courtesy of FairBreak
FairBreak Book By Karen Motyka and Shaun Martyn
FairBreak Canberra - Photos courtesy of FairBreak
FairBreak Canberra

If you’re interested in finding out more about FairBreak, you can also listen to my podcast with Karen Motyka talking about her book FairBreak.

FairBreak is available on Amazon.

Photos courtesy of FairBreak

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