Remembering Christmas Day Football

The article reminisces about the tradition of Christmas Day football matches in the UK, particularly in the local derby between March and Wisbech in the late 1940s and early 1950s. The matches attracted large crowds, with over 3,400 spectators attending the early morning kick-off at the GER Sports Ground on Christmas Day 1948.

The article highlights the difference in the culture at the time, with many fans wearing ties and some lucky program holders winning 50 cigarettes. The tradition of Christmas Day football eventually ceased due to the end of public transport on Christmas Day and the rise of television ownership. However, the memories of those who attended these matches, such as Stephen Wallis’ father and Geoff Morton, continue to highlight the special significance of the Christmas Day football tradition.

Written for the Fenland Citizen

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Remembering the days when March Town v Wisbech Town Christmas derbies drew thousands - written by Stephen Wallis for Fenland Citizen
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